SaaS solutions in Campaign Optimization and Analytics

Seeking the best solutions to solve the problems faced by our clients, we develop software solutions designed to address different kinds of hurdles and problems in e-commerce operations and digital performance.

During the more than 19 years of experience in the market, we identified the need for solutions that provide more business intelligence for our clients. Based on this knowhow, we developed Real Time E-Commerce (RTE), a set of dashboards for virtual stores that tracks results and monitors in real time their sales and targets, and SmartXML, a robust and effective tool to optimize and automate Feeds/XMLs of campaigns such as Google Shopping, generating direct gains in ad management.

Explore our solutions and the benefits they can offer your business:

Analytics & BI

Real-time analytics, without data latency, with daily, weekly and monthly sales forecasts. Focused on e-commerce operations with key visions of the business, media, products and categories.

Media Optimization

Software to manage and optimize feeds (XML) for products and categories, which supports the exponential growth of campaigns based on XML integration, such as Google Shopping.